The Story of N.D. Anderson

N.D. Anderson is a born entertainer with a unique voice, talent and drive to perform and catch the audience, with a stunning and daring act.


Never hiding his (sexual) identity, already at a young age he managed to attract the attention of thrilled crowds and set the house ablaze all across Europe. With his striking, tall physique, N.D. certainly left his mark on numerous audiences, including the many spectators of television and idol shows he contributed to in his native Belgium. .


He has a long career in performing and has been trained as a singer of a broad range of musical disciplines, including baroque and opera. N.D. has the voice to always strike the right chord!

Having personally experienced the endurances of life for gay people, N.D. has devoted his talent and career to be a shining light for all those around the world who feel sexually oppressed. He has made it his vocation in life to overcome personal difficulties and setbacks and show we all have the right to live and love in a free and caring world. N.D.’s message is: “We should all be able to be and go out and be our unique selves!”


Earlier this year N.D. Anderson recorded a vibrant and sweeping new version of the Gloria Gaynor all time gay classic ‘I am what I am’. Combined with a most outspoken, fabulous and pulsating act, N.D. offers spectators an unforgettable performance, with a message which comes right from the heart!


On stage and in real life N.D. wants to be an example for all those who cannot enjoy the freedom to live the life they want. With his music, performance and true and generous character N.D. Anderson aims to inspire gay people and their friends to be who they are!

On stage and with his music he stands for a world of LOVE, PEACE, ACCEPTANCE and EQUAL RIGHTS for everyone everywhere!